Monday, April 26, 2010

Trash the Dress - Spring

If you are wondering whether photographers photograph for their own pleasure than the answer is yes, absolutely! A number of Chicago local photographers got together to welcome Spring with a Trash the Dress photo shoot. It was a cool afternoon of new acquaintances, bright sun, gorgeous models and of course a spiral of artistic visions. If you are not familiar with the Trash the Dress concept then check out the images below. It is the newest, hottest trend in wedding photography! For brides that are looking for unconventional images, Trash the Dress is the perfect opportunity to get together with a photographer after the wedding where you are not pressed by time, cleanliness or pressures of the big day. Trash the Dress does not necessarily mean trashing the wedding gown unless you really want, but a chance to do something unique, unconventional and truly memorable.